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The BMSATELLITE Hand Mixer Helps Put Your Favorite Recipes To The Test. With A 200W Motor And SEVEN Speed Settings, Plus An Even Faster Turbo Setting, This Hand Mixer Can Tackle The Toughest Of Tasks At The Right Power You Need. The BMSATELLITE Uses technology To Give You Maximum Power In The Kitchen. It is Truly Versatile. Either Place The Hand Mixer On The Stand, To Have Your Hands Free Or Use The Hand Mixer Without The Stand For More Manual Control. This BM Satellite Hand Mixer Is Designed To Be Easy-To-Use And Easy-To-Clean. The Mixing Tools Eject At Just The Press Of A Button And Can Be Put Into The Dishwasher For Easy Cleaning, Along With The Bowl. It Comes With Two Stainless Steel Turbo Beaters And Two Heavy Duty Kneading Hooks For Even More Flexibility To Suit A Variety Of Foods This Appliance is An Excellent Choice For Your Baking Needs. Mixing Up A Storm. Make Light Work Of Your Favorite Baking as its Quiet And Easy-To-Use For Sweet And Savory Lovers Alike. Whether you are Whipping Egg Whites Into Icing Sugar Or Kneading The Dough, Life In The Kitchen Will Be So Much Easier With This Hand Mixer. Easy As One, Two, Three. There Are Seven Simple Speed Settings You Can Activate; With An Additional Turbo Speed Option That Means You Have Ultimate Control Over The Power You Need To Mix Those Delicious Treats. Plus, There Is A Straightforward Eject Button To Release The Beaters Or Dough Hooks. Pop The Mixing Tools In The Dishwasher Along With The Bowl For An Easy-Clean When you are Finished. Easy As Pie. The Key To Versatility. Detach The Mixer To Create A Traditional Handheld Electric Whisk For Something A Bit Smaller And Even More Lightweight. Or Use The Mixer With The Stand To Leave Your Hands Free For Other Tasks
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SmallFrom 80 KESFrom 160 KES
MediumFrom 150 KESFrom 300 KES
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LargeFrom 1400 KESFrom 2800 KES
Door DeliverySpecial SmallFrom 250 KESFrom 400 KES
SmallFrom 300 KESFrom 500 KES
MediumFrom 500 KESFrom 800 KES
LargeFrom 2000 KESFrom 4000 KES
Zone 5, 6 & 7Pick UpSpecial SmallFrom 1200 KESFrom 2400 KES
SmallFrom 1500 KESFrom 3000 KES
MediumFrom 2200 KESFrom 4400 KES
LargeFrom 4400 KESFrom 8800 KES
Door DeliverySpecial SmallFrom 1600 KESFrom 3200 KES
SmallFrom 2000 KESFrom 4000 KES
MediumFrom 3000 KESFrom 6000 KES
LargeFrom 6000 KESFrom 12000 KE

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