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Calvin Klein Euphoria EDT 100ml

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Slightly spicy and woodsy fragrance for men with the soul of a gentleman

Simple yet manly design of the bottle is a reflection of the fragrance itself

Earthy tones of precious woods along with essences of the most refined spices add a dash of self- confidence and style

About the Brand

Calvin Klein is a global lifestyle brand that exemplifies bold and progressive ideals often minimal and aesthetic. The brand uses proactive imagery and striking designs. Calvin Klein colognes will allow you to stand out from the crowd once and for all. 

About the Product

Elegance, self- confidence and style, that is what Calvin Klein Euphoria Men is, cologne for real gentlemen. The fragrance is filled with ginger and pepper aroma with a slight hint of seude and patchouli to make it the classic men's fragrance.


Department Men

Size 100ml

Top Note Ginger And Pepper

Heart/Middle Note Black Basil, Sage And Cedar

Base Note Amber, Patchouli, Brazilian Redwood And Suede

Fragrance Notes Woody

Fragrance Category Aromatic, Woody

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