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Generic Yoga mat bundle set of yoga mat, roller and tummy trimmer

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This is a high quality, non-slip and durable yoga mat.   ✤ PREMIUM THICK MAT: You won't feel the floor anymore! This workout mat offers you UNIQUE balance of luxury, DENSITY & durability, not found in those cheap mats. Our favorite customer enjoys the extra cushioning and calls it the "Cadillac of Exercise Mats!" A MUST for couples yoga or acrobatics yoga (Acroyoga)

 ✤ EXTRA LONG: You have plenty of room to stretch out on this large mat - (190cm x 60cm x 0.7cm), fits up to 6'4" tall comfortably. Clients of all sizes ADORE the extra space to Thrive On :-)

  ✤ EASY TRAVEL: Enjoy hassle free storage and travel with the EASY on/off carrying net bag. Your mat is super lite and rolls to 7" in diameter. People LOVE that the mat rolls out flat and doesn't curl up like less dense mats

  ✤ LOTS of USES: Our customers enjoy the versatility calling it a Pilates Mat, Yoga Mat or Fitness Mat, but we designed it to be the best mat for men and women serious about generating WELLNESS at home or the gym. You'll absolutely LOVE relaxation pose, sleeping and meditation on this padded mat that feels like a cloud. And if you sweat A LOT, consider adding our non-slip full coverage Exercise Towel Mat to your purchase for an extra absorbancy.

PROTECTION & CARE: When you order today, you will experience a multi-year 5 STAR Seller who demonstrates extra care in customers service. For cleaning consider our All Natural Mat Cleaner.



Eco friendly

Extra Thick

100% new and high quality

Light weight, small size, easy to carry

Waterproof, dust proof and easy to clean

Soft, excellent flexibility, high tensile strength, and excellent toughness Tear Resistant.

Material: NBR


1 x Yoga Mat

1 x roller1x tummy trimmer



Care Label: Avoid piercing.<br />Consider all natural cleaner.<br /><br />

Main Material: NBR

Size (L x W x H cm): 190 x 60 x 0.7

Weight (kg): 0.8

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