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100% Authentic Products

Our affiliation and partnership with global brands, across major industries, provides us with access to thousands of wholesalers and manufacturers worldwide. This guarantees the authenticity of product sourced by 159OnlineShop, ensuring you get only the best

Dedicated Account Manager

You will have a dedicated account manager assigned to each transaction. The purpose of this resource, is to ensure your optimum satisfaction, during the transaction process.

Discount Prices

Get the best value for your purchases, with discounts to match your financial investments on 159OnlineShop.com

Aftersales Support

Our amazing aftersales support team is available to assist with any enquiry that may arise from your transactions. We guarantee all enquiries raised will be resolved. (Terms and Conditions apply).

Shipping & Handling

Partnering with esteemed logistics partners, 159OnlineShop ensures that deliveries get to you within the shortest amount of time

Flexible Payment

Discover a variety of payment options that allows for speed and convenience of transaction. Visit 159OnlineShop.com.

Shop Smart, Live Well

Combining forces to power the new 159OnlineShop will enable us effectively achieve our goals of platform expansion and accelerated growth, as we embark on an ambitious journey to redefine the retail ecosystem with the industry’s most advanced technology.